Terms of Reference

The Governing Body shall:

  • assist in developing the policies relating to impartiality of BRE Global’s activities;
  • counteract any tendency on the part of BRE Global to allow commercial or other considerations to prevent the consistent objective provision of its activities;
  • advise on matters affecting confidence in assurance, including openness and public perception; and
  • conduct a review, at least once annually, of the impartiality of the audit, certification and decision-making processes of BRE Global.


  • having oversight of processes and policies to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that BRE Global is:
  • acting independently and impartially;
  • operating processes correctly;
  • treating customers fairly;
  • where appropriate, make suggestions to improve policies, processes and procedures (including those of the Governing Body, Standing Panel, and Working Groups);
  • reviewing the results of internal audits, management reviews, complaints, appeals, certificate suspensions and withdrawals in order to ensure that procedures are administered in an impartial, timely and non-discriminatory manner;
  • assuring themselves of the financial standing of BRE Global Ltd.

Click here for a copy of our Statement of Impartiality.

The Governing Body has the right to take action independent of the management of BRE Global (for example, by informing authorities, accreditation bodies, and stakeholders) if their advice is not respected.

In addition, the Governing Body should

  • advise BRE Global and help BRE Global set its strategic direction;
  • promote assurance (certification, testing and inspection);
  • identify the need for standards, schemes and publications;
  • approve standards, schemes and publications as appropriate.

The Chairman will manage appeals as necessary and also assist the BRE Global Managing Director in resolving any governance issues.

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