The BRE Global Governing Body

The accreditation standards require certification bodies to have in place a governance structure that, amongst other things, safeguards impartiality.  The Governing Body fulfils this role and provides guidance and advice to BRE Global through the wide knowledge and experience of the Governing Body members.

The Governing Body’s Terms of Reference are: (ISO 17020 Clause 4.1; ISO 17021 Clause 6.2; ISO 17024 Clause 4.3; ISO 17025 Clause 4.1.5(d); and ISO 17065 Clauses 4.2 & 5.2 refer) - Read more

Standing Panel for Peer Review 

BRE Global has set up a Standing Panel for the peer review of proposals for new or revised standards or schemes, and their content once produced. Members of the Standing Panel are proposed by BRE Global and are subject to the approval of the Governing Body.

The Standing Panel (SP) usually consists of:
· The professors from the BRE University Centres of Excellence;
· The BRE Fellows;

Other experts from academia and/or industry as required.
Membership of the Standing Panel currently stands at over 130

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