Counterfeiting and false claims

Unfortunately, forgeries are very common so always check that the certificate or mark is valid by checking the search facility on this website, by e-mailing or by phoning +44 (0)333 321 88 11.

Similarly, claims are often made that can mislead the user into believing a product, system or service has approval when in fact it does not. It is common to find phases printed on a product, packaging or marketing material such as designed to ..., complies with..., meets LPS.... Products may undergo testing, fail those tests and still be sold as tested to...

Confusion in the marketplace is also created by commercial organisations such as trade bodies creating new marks and listings which appear to be approvals but may not be. LPCB traces its origins to the 1880s and has retained and enhanced its reputation for independence by supporting its listings and marks and by ensuring that any problems with approved products and services are investigated and resolved.

Please see Counterfeit notices and false claims of approval.

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