Applications for LPCB and EC Certification of Fire Detection Products

To apply for LPCB and/or EC certification, please complete the following:
  1. Download and complete the Master Form - this form covers general information, eg. name, address, product identities, etc.
    • If you require certification to be crosslisted from one product to another, download and complete the Crosslists form to provide the necessary details.
    • If you have several similar products for certification, download and complete the Product Similarities form. This will enable us to optimise our Test Schedule by combining some tests, and will reduce certification costs and time.
  2. Download and complete the applicable device specific form(s) - these forms cover the main technical specifications for each device type.
  3. If the factory has not previously been assessed by LPCB, download and complete the Management Systems form. Please submit completed application forms to:
  4. Terms and conditions
1 General Information Application Forms Notes
Master Form A master form is required for all applications
Crosslists For applications requiring a crosslist(s)
Product Similarities For applications involving a range of similar products
Modification Form For applications involving modifications
2 Device Specific Information Application Forms Notes
Control and Indicating Equipment Scheme document SD040  
Control and indicating equipment – EN 54–2  
Voice CIE – EN 54–16  
Power supply equipment - EN 54-4  
Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment SD114  
Alarm transmission and fault routing equipment – EN 54–21  
Electrical & automatic Control & Delay devices (e.c.d.) EN 12094-1  
Detectors Scheme document  
Heat detectors – point detectors - EN 54-5  
Smoke detectors – point detectors - EN 54-7  
Flame Detectors – point detectors - EN 54-10  
Smoke detectors - line detectors - EN 54-12  
Multi-sensor Fire Detectors (smoke/heat) – EN 54-29  
Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Point Detectors – EN 54-26  
Multi-Sensor Fire Detectors – (Point Detectors using a combination of Smoke, and optionally heat sensors Point Detectors) EN 54-31  
Multi-Sensor Fire Detectors (Point Detectors using a combination of Carbon Monoxide and Heat Sensors) – EN 54-30  
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms  
Duct Smoke Detectors EN 54-27  
Manual call points Scheme document  
Manual call points - EN 54-11  
Line units Scheme document  
Short-circuit isolators - EN 54-17 ISO 7240:17  
Input/output devices - EN 54-18 ISO 7240:18  
Sounders Scheme document  
Sounders - EN 54-3  
Visual Alarms Scheme document  
Visual alarm devices – EN 54–23  
Loudspeakers Scheme document  
Loudspeakers - EN 54-24  
Radio Links Scheme document  
Radio Links - EN 54-25  
System Scheme document  
Compatibility assessment of system components – EN 54-13  
Domestic alarms Scheme document  
Smoke alarm devices - EN 14604  
Carbon Monoxide Alarms – EN 50291-1:2010  


3 Other miscellaneous forms Application Forms Notes
    Management Systems For applications involving factories not previously assessed by LPCB
    Product Modifications For modifications to approved products
4 Terms and conditions Documents Notes
  PN101 Listing & Cert  
  PN111 FPC  
  PN218 EN54 FPC  

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