Alarm transmission equipment and systems

LPCB offers certification of alarm transmission equipment suitable for use with intruder alarm and hold-up systems to LPS 1277 Issue 3.0, Requirements for LPCB Approval and listing of Alarm Transmission Systems and Equipment.



Where appropriate within LPS 1277, reference has been made to published standards for intruder alarm and hold-up systems including EN 50131-1 together with the alarm transmission product standards EN 50136-1-1:1998+A2:2008 and EN 50136-2-1:1998+A1:2001.

Particular emphasis is placed on the verification of manufacturers’ claims, by measuring alarm transmission times over the transmission path(s) between the equipment under test and the corresponding receiving centre. The response to the reporting of fault conditions is measured in a similar way.

The results of these measurements are expressed in terms of alarm transmission system (ATS) performance criteria classification, using the parameters D, M, T and where applicable S and I.


D = Transmission time classification
M = Transmission time maximum values
T = Fault reporting time classification
S = Substitution Security
I = Information Security

Availability is considered a key parameter under LPCB approval and is therefore included within the requirements of LPS 1277. The resultant performance is expressed using the parameter ‘A’ for Availability.

The measured parameters are used to determine the performance classification in terms of ATS level (1 to 6) that when used in conjunction with warning devices provide the security grade of the intrusion and hold-up alarm system (I&HAS) as defined in EN 50131-1.

Products compliant with LPS 1277 Issue 3.0 meet ‘enhanced’ ATS performance classifications which includes timed ‘stepped up’ fault reporting after the loss of the primary path and the reporting of a catastrophic failure, in event of the simultaneous loss of multiple transmission paths.

To assist specifiers in their selection of the products most appropriate for protecting their risks, the LPCB enhanced performance ratings are included with the product listing entry in the Redbook as an indicator of the level of performance that can be expected from the alarm transmission system.

Compliance with relevant safety standards and applicable mandatory EU directives is a pre-requisite of LPCB approval and listing. Regular product auditing and regular factory inspections are carried out by LPCB to ensure high manufacturing standards and continued compliance with the applicable product standard.

Since LPCB uses national and international standards for the listing of products, in some instances, the requirements of these standards may conflict with the recommendations of local codes of practice. We recommend that specifiers seek advice from the relevant local authorities and amend their specifications accordingly.

Supervised Premises Transceivers

LPCB listed equipment has been assessed against the requirements and test methods of LPS 1277 Requirements for LPCB Approval and listing of Alarm Transmission Systems and Equipment, Issue 3

It is essential that the supervised premises transceivers are used in accordance with the appropriate installation instructions and the guidance provided in Annex C of LPS 1277 Issue 3.0 Requirements for LPCB Approval and listing of Alarm Transmission Systems and Equipment.

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