Intrusion and hold-up alarm system components

LPCB offers certification of a range of intrusion alarm, access control and alarm transmission products to the following European standards:-


  • EN 50131-2-2 – Passive infrared movement detectors
  • EN 50131-2-3 – Microwave movement detectors
  • EN 50131-2-4 – Combined microwave and passive infrared movement detectors
  • EN 50131-2-6 – Opening contacts (magnetic)
  • EN 50131-3 – Control and indicating equipment
  • EN 50131-6 – Power supplies
  • EN 50136-2 - Supervised premises transceiver (SPT)
  • EN 60839-11 - Electronic access control systems

In addition, we can offer certification of Alarm Transmission Systems to the well respected LPS 1277 standard.

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