Management Systems

To manufacture goods of a consistent and acceptable quality, adequate control of business systems is vital. To achieve this level of control, written procedures help ensure that tasks are performed correctly and consistently every time. Some of the first organisations to implement this kind of control were the companies that supplied the military forces.


The British Ministry of Defence and NATO developed standards for Quality Management to which they expected their suppliers to conform thus giving rise to a standard framework and requirements for the Quality Manual and Procedures and the auditing thereof.
These eventually evolved into the British BS 5750 standard for Quality Management Systems and subsequently into the International Standard ISO 9001. The latest version of the International Standard was published in the year 2008.
This was then adopted as a European Standard and as a British Standard, EN ISO 9001
The main changes during the evolution of these Standards are shown below:
•  BS 5750: 1979 - Review of system but NO audits
•  BS 5750: 1987 - Management Review, and audit
•  ISO 9000:1994 - Preventive action, training needs, statistics
•  ISO 9001:2000 - Customer focus, competence, improvement
•  ISO 9001:2008 - No new requirements but editorial corrections made

More recently, increased focus on issues such as the impact of companies' processes on the environment and health and safety has led to the recognition that similar control of these processes forms an important part of the Management System of companies.
This has led to the development of Environmental Management standards (ISO 14001) and Health and Safety Management standards (OHSAS 18001). Concerned specifiers, as part of their risk management processes, are looking for their suppliers to have approval to these standards as well as to the quality standard.

We offer certification to all three standards and we are able to offer an integrated service to companies wanting approval under two or more of these standards.

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