August 2017

Stobich Brandschotz GmbH, Germany

Cert No. 1064a (LPS 1056: issue 6 - ECClos-Q, ECClos-S, ECClos-Flex conveyor system closures) was suspended with effect from 21 August 2017 

July 2017

MultiSteel Limited, London, UK

Cert No. 818a (LPS 1175: Issue 6 - Multisteel 'Mag Lock' and Multisteel '3 Point Mul-T-Lock' single leaf outward opening doorsets) and Cert no. 818b (LPS 1175: Issue 6 - Multisteel 'Security Screen' modular security screen) were suspended with effect from 25 July 2017 

June 2017

Safeguard Security, A Trade Name of WBH Industries

Cert No. 418 (ISO 9001) & 418a (LPS 1175: Issue 7 - LPC1 System security grille) was suspended with effect from 14 June 2017 

May 2017

Zhejiang Ruihua Machinery Co. Ltd, China

Cert No. 867b/01 (EN 1869 - Fire blankets) was voluntarily suspended with effect from 24 May 2017


April 2017

Armourpost Limited, Tyne and Wear, UK

Cert No. 1137a (LPS 1175: Issue 7 - Rolux SR3-SOL security shutter) was suspended with effect from 19 April 2017

January 2017


Cert No. 1308a/01 (EN 60332-3-24 - True Fire Resistant Cable 1x1.5sqmm) was suspended with effect from 26 January 2017

Dätwyler Cabling Solutions AG, Switzerland

Cert No. 172c/01 (BS8434-2:2003+A2 2009 - Datwyler Enhanced Fire Safety Cable 2 x 1.5sqmm) was suspended with effect from 25 January 2017

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