New LPCB standard for ductwork - Phil Brownhill

Learning lessons from the Edinburgh Schools inquiry - Dr Jeremy Ockenden

Dangerous Assumptions - Dr Jeremy Ockenden

Poor workmanship does more than fail to meet Regulation 7 - it puts lives at risk - Ciara Holland, Martin Shipp and Dr David Crowder 

Improving Security in the Built Environment - Gavin Jones

Personal Protection Watermist Systems - Nigel Firkins

Open Plan Flats - Chris Salter

Insurers insist on LPS 1215

Lakanal Judgement July 2016 - David Crowder

Mobility Scooters - Be aware of the fire risk - Martin Shipp

Fire safety issues with Balconies - Ciara Holland, Martin Shipp and David Crowder

Fire compartmentation in buildings - Philip Brownhill

Effective perimeter security - how can you be sure it is effective? - Richard Flint

External Fire Spread - New Research - Ciara Holland, David Crowder and Martin Shipp

Testing times for steel beam fire protection systems - Steve Howard

Graham Orme new Chair of EFSG

False Alarms - Raman Chagger

Fire compartmentation in roof voids - Martin Shipp, Ciara Holland, David Crowder and Tom Lennon

LPCB - What's behind the mark? - Graham Orme

On the menu - Fire-fighting in the kitchen - Sarah Colwell

Fire and explosion hazards in process industries - Steve Manchester

Protecting people and property from terrorism - Richard Flint

Investigating false fire alarms as they happen - Raman Chagger

Countdown to CE marking of cables and fire doors has begun

Live Investigations of False Fire Alarms by Raman Chagger

Fire Performance of cable installations: new study published

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