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May 2017

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Welcome to our May edition of RedBook News.




Spacecraft to basements: exploring the frontiers of fire safety

The third Fire Research Conference at BRE Watford on 8 June brings together a highly diverse programme of contemporary fire engineering challenges, ranging from space travel and airports, to photovoltaic energy and product regulation in the wake of BREXIT. Other themes include multi-sensor detectors and fire alarms, innovations in fire suppression, deficiencies in passive fire protection, and data and trends emerging from the investigation of real fires. Read more

Have your questions answered at FIREX and IFSEC

Experts will be on hand to answer your fire and security certification questions at the BRE Global stands at FIREX International (C160) and IFSEC (B1450), on 20-22 June at London ExCel. Highlights will include live demo attack testing on the IFSEC Red Book Pavilion. We are also heavily involved in the extensive conference programme. Read more

New standard for the inspection, cleaning and maintenance of ductwork

A new standard - LPS2084 - defines the requirements for the LPCB approval and listing of companies carrying out inspection, cleaning and maintenance of ductwork systems that may be contaminated with combustible deposits. This includes kitchen extract systems. For a free downloadable copy of the standard click here.


New approval for the Bradbury M2MFL range

Bradbury has just received LPCB approval for its M2MFL doors. The doors achieved a security rating of SR2, 3 and 4 to LPS 1175 Requirements and testing procedures for the LPCB approval and listing of intruder resistant building components, strongpoints, security enclosures and free-standing barriers. The M2MFL range combines flood resistance (not covered by the LPCB approval) - to PAS 1188-1 - and security, and has single or double leaf outward opening doorsets. Read more


Forthcoming events

Click on the map below to see where we are promoting our Red Book listings in 2017.

Event reports

Security & Counter Terror Expo, 3-4 May

This focused security exhibition is aimed at the high end physical security protection needed in the fight against crime and terrorism. The LPCB brand has a high profile in this market and there was strong interest in our physical security, ballistics and security assessment certification standards and services. Read more


In the news

40% of all fire incidents are false alarms

Of the 529,000 incidents attended by Fire and Rescue Services in England last year, 40% (214,000) were false alarms, according to new figures released by the Government. Fires where a smoke alarm was not present accounted for 28% of all dwelling fires and 33% (76) of all dwelling fire fatalities in 2015/16. This is in the context of 11% of dwellings not having a working smoke alarm in 2015/16. Read more


Click for details of LPCB certificated fire detection and alarm products and installers, and for guidance and research documents on false fire alarms. For details of LPCB certificated domestic smoke alarms click here.



New Red Book Listings

Bellwood Interiors LPS 1531 Approved installer of passive fire protection products Appendices 1 & 7.

Kone Corporation KES 800 (non-insulated) and KES 800 (glazed) Lift landing doors.

Shanghai Iron Man Fire Fighting Equipment IRON MAN Fire hose reels.

Broxap Secure Cedar Cycle Locker Secure enclosure.

Fire Fighter CO Security and Safety Equipment Trading LLC ‘FST’ Fire hose reels; FST-6627 Commercial smoke detector; FST-6637 Commercial heat detector; FST-6647 Multi-criteria/multi-sensor detector; FST-6657 Manual call point; FST-6737 Audible warning device, and FST-6717 & FST-6727 and FST-6777 Line units.

Shenzhen Lilutong Tech Ind LLT-FR Multi-core Fire resistant cables.

Warrior Doors  Warrior B-SL, Warrior B-SLi and Warrior CB-SLi hinged Security doorsets.

Bradbury Security  M2M3FL and M2M4FL added to the range of hinged security doorsets; Vertex SR2 and Vertex SR3 added to the range of security grilles, and ClassicAL hinged security doorsets.

Ningbo Kingdun Electronic Industry LM-101LAW, LM-101LG added to the range of domestic smoke alarms.

V-Great Global Corporation VG-6627 Commercial smoke detector; VG-6637 Commercial heat detector; VG-6647 Multi-criteria/multi-sensor detector; VG-6657 Manual call point; VG-6737 Audible warning device, and VG-6717 & VG-6727 and VG-6777 Line units.

Exenture Europe B.V. Axyl High Performance Fire resistant cable.

Tyrone Fabrication  T1206 and T1217 added to the range of security cabinets (T002 and T1015 withdrawn).

Hodgson Sayers Epsilon 1, 2 & 3 added to the range of hinged security doorsets.

Fire Safety Co FS-D441 Commercial smoke detector; FS-D442 Commercial heat detector; FS-D443 Multi-criteria/multi-sensor detector; FS-D440 Manual call point; FS-HSD22 Audible warning device, and FS-MM200, FS-CM200 & FS-IM200 Line units.

Alexandra Security Protek Elite range of security fencing systems and Protek Elite range of security gates.

SWS UK SeceuroDoor Security shutter.

Nittan Europe EV-PH Commercial multi-criteria detector, and EVC-H-CS, EV-H-A1R & EV-H-CS Commercial heat detectors.

Consilium Marine & Safety AB EV-PP Commercial photo-electric smoke and detector.

Al Rayan Security & Safety Trading SI-6627 Commercial smoke detector; SI-6637 Commercial heat detector; SI-6647 Multi-criteria/multi-sensor detector; SI-6657 Manual call point; SI-6737 Audible warning device, and SI-6717 & SI-6727 and SI-6777 Line units

Teletek Electronics JSC IRIS Intelligent analogue addressable interactive control & indicating equipment.

Irish Industrial Tanks LPS 1276 Suction tanks for automatic sprinkler systems.

Tanda (UK) TX7004 Control & indicating equipment.

The LPCB Red Book listings are updated daily. To ensure that you are using the most up to date information please go to or use the Red Book App available for iPhone/iPad, Android devices.

Training from BRE Academy

Waste site fire training

29 June at BRE Watford

Does your waste site meet the latest requirements of the Environment Agency Fire Prevention Plan? More

Timber fire door - installation, repair and maintenance

27 July at BRE Watford

Correctly installing fire doors and doorsets and their on-going repair and maintenance is critical to the safety of building occupants. More

Fire door inspection training

24 August at BRE Watford

Inspection of fire doors is vital to ensuring that the appropriate products are installed to the proper standard and requires a high level of expertise and competence. More

Fire Safety Awareness (International)

Online course
An interactive course for building owners and facilities managers, which will give an overview of the key issues that need to be considered to mitigate and manage fire, specifically in the working environment. More

Fire modelling for fire investigation and the design of buildings

Online course

A course that will help you to more fully understand fire modelling and the ways in which it can predict the progress of fires in real-world situations. More


We have a number of promising career opportunities at BRE in our fire and security business including Scientists, Certification Managers, Inspection and Test Engineers. For a full list of vacancies, please click here.

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