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June 2017

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Welcome to our June edition of RedBook News.


Grenfell Tower fire

Our thoughts are with the many people so devastatingly affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. We have been working closely with the government and other stakeholders on how best to support the owners, operators and occupants of similar UK tower blocks who are seeking safety information. An immediate area of support is the screening of the core/filling of ACM products (on behalf of DCLG) from other high rise buildings. We are working with other fire testing laboratories and with our colleagues from the Edinburgh University Centre of Excellence for Fire Safety Engineering on this work.

RedBookLive referenced in NaCTSO guidance

As a result of recent terrorist attacks, the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) has issues revised security guidance. This refers to the use of RedBookLive as one of three main sources of guidance on physical security measures, alongside CPNI and SBD. NaCTSO’s Crowded Places Guidance can be downloaded here.

Fire Research Conference a great success

At the 3rd BRE Fire Research Conference in Watford on 8 June, more than a hundred delegates saw leading experts present the latest findings and lessons learnt on some of the fire industry’s most topical issues. Read more.

New guidance on installing fire doorsets and shutters

A new Good Building Guide (GG 86) illustrates the importance of correctly installing fire doorsets and shutters to ensure occupant safety and protect property. Key issues for specifiers, manufacturers, contractors and approval authorities are identified and the importance of adequate testing, product quality, installation and maintenance is highlighted, along with the critical role of third-party certification schemes. Read more

Summer Issue of Red Book News

As many RedBook News readers will be away on holiday at some point in the next two months, we will be combining the July and August issues into one, which will be issued in late August. We hope you all have a great summer break!

Forthcoming events

Click on the map below to see where we are promoting our Red Book listings later in 2017.

Event reports


FIREX and IFSEC ran side by side on 20-22 June, and were extremely successful in terms of the number of delegates and the interest shown in LPCB listed products and services. A full report will be in the combined July/August issue.


In the news

Sprinkler report findings from fire service data

A report based on five years of sprinkler related data from the Fire and Rescue Service’s Incident Recording System (IRS) has been published. The analysis was aimed at providing an authoritative assessment of the reliability and effectiveness of sprinkler systems in controlling and extinguishing fires. Headlines findings include:
- across all premises types, sprinklers are 99% effective;
- across all premises types, operational reliability of sprinklers is 94% .
Read more


For details of LPCB certificated sprinkler systems click here.


Nick Hurd is new Policing and Fire Minister

Nicholas Hurd MP is the new Minister for Policing, Fire and Criminal Justice and Victims. Mr Hurd replaces Brandon Lewis MP, who has taken over the portfolio for immigration. Nick Hurd was first elected in 2005 and is the son of Douglas Hurd. Read more


New Red Book Listings

Architectural Coatings LPS 1531 Approved installer of passive fire protection products Appendices 1, 2 & 3.

Bradbury Security Extendor Vulcan, Vertex SR2, Vertex SR3 Security grilles and ClassicAL Hinged security doorsets.

Apollo Fire Detectors FL6100-600 & FL5100-600 Commercial smoke detectors and 55000-074, 55000-075, 55000-076, 55000-077 & 55000-070, 55000-071, 55000-072, 55000-073 Alarm warning devices.

NAFFCO FZ Co Additional Fire hose reels & Fire hose reel cabinets.

Burton Safes Kronos SR2, SR3 and SR4 Hinged security doorsets, Talos and Talos SE Modular security enclosure systems, Talos Secure partition walling system, Ajax SR2 Security grilles, Ajax SR2 Modular security cages, Ajax SR3 Security grilles Ajax SR3 Modular security cages and Typhon SR2 and Typhon SR3 Security barsets.

Ventcroft NoBurn XP additional approval to EN 60332/3-24:2009 and EN 60332-3-25:2009.

Hochiki Europe (UK)  ATJ-E(WHT)-SCI, ATJ-E(HFP)-SCI, ATJ-EN(SCI) and ATJ-EN(WHT)-SCI Commercial Heat Detectors and ACC-E(WHT)-SCI, ACC-E(HFP)-SCI, ACC-EN(SCI), ACC-EN(WHT)-SCI Commercial Multi Criteria Detectors.

Olympia Electronics SA  BSR-6060/A Commercial heat detector.

ATEIS Middle East FZCO V350 Commercial heat detector, V100 Commercial smoke detector, V200 Commercial multi-criteria detector, VLS100 & VLS100-H Alarm warning devices, VCP100 Manual call point and VMI100, VMC100, VMC120, VMIC100, VMIC120 Line units.

BT Cables Firepro-Tec UK, Firepro-Tec PH120 and Firepro-Tec ENH Fire resistant cables.

Ningbo Jintian Fire Fighting Industrial KX08-203-00 & KX08-203-00 Fire resistant cableInlet breechings and KX06 range of Wet landing valves.

BT Plc BT Redcare  Secure Mk3 3G with Redcare Secure IP service, BT Redcare Secure Mk3 3G with Redcare Secure 3 service & BT Redcare Secure Mk3 3G with Redcare Secure Solo service Supervised premises transceivers (Security) and BT Redcare Secure Mk3 3G (IP/3G) with Redcare Secure IP Roaming & Fire service & BT Redcare Secure Mk3 3G (3G/PSTN) with Redcare Secure 3 Roaming & Fire service Supervised premises transceivers (Fire).

The LPCB Red Book listings are updated daily. To ensure that you are using the most up to date information please go to or use the Red Book App available for iPhone/iPad, Android devices.

Training from BRE Academy

Timber fire door - installation, repair and maintenance

27 July at BRE Watford

Correctly installing fire doors and doorsets and their on-going repair and maintenance is critical to the safety of building occupants. More

Fire door inspection training

24 August at BRE Watford

Inspection of fire doors is vital to ensuring that the appropriate products are installed to the proper standard and requires a high level of expertise and competence. More

Fire Safety Awareness (International)

Online course
An interactive course for building owners and facilities managers, which will give an overview of the key issues that need to be considered to mitigate and manage fire, specifically in the working environment. More

Fire modelling for fire investigation and the design of buildings

Online course

A course that will help you to more fully understand fire modelling and the ways in which it can predict the progress of fires in real-world situations. More



We have a number of promising career opportunities at BRE in our fire and security business including Scientists, Certification Managers, Inspection and Test Engineers. For a full list of vacancies, please click here.

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